• Rosy & Rich
  • Teresa HR Lane
  • Amorangi Hikuroa
Megan Dickinson Gallery Aotearoa Art Fair

Rosy & Rich
Rosy & Rich's art practice is a profound exploration of the complexities inherent in the human experience. Their work delves into fundamental themes such as life and death, love and sex, the transitory nature of existence, and the juxtaposition of beauty and the grotesque - an epic narrative that transcends time. Rosy, wielding her paintbrush, and Rich masterfully turning his potter's wheel, form a creative partnership deeply rooted in the timeless tradition of ceramic craftsmanship.

Rosie Parsonson and Richard Darbyshire, find their creative sanctuary in Tai Tokerau, where their studio sits within the Quarry Arts Centre, Whangārei. The formalisation of their partnership occurred in 2013, successfully uniting their respective talents in ceramics, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Rosie Parsonson's skilled hand brings forth intricately engraved lines and infused colours, harmonising with the archetypal vessels and forms, shaped and fired by Richard Darbyshire. Their work, realised on a scale befitting the grandeur of the human condition, resonates with classical themes of Western art while fostering a contemporary dialogue challenging established archetypes.

The collaborative synergy of Rosy & Rich finds its roots in art history, a nuanced exchange of ideas, shared perspectives, and at times, spirited debates. The artistic process unfolds through the construction of forms using both wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques in clay. Subsequently, a dynamic surface treatment emerges as graphic concepts are etched and painted using their unique underglaze recipe. The interplay of colour and lustre moves between clay and glaze, undergoing multiple firings before each distinctive work is perfected. In the crucible of their creative exchange, where form meets surface, the past converges with the present, and art converges with craft, the alchemical process culminates in richly adorned, functionally ornate pieces.

Teresa HR Lane
Teresa HR Lane aspires to present visual equality. Inspired by an abundance of visual material, Lane reuses and repurposes anything she needs to tell the story. Disseminating and reassembling found and collected treasures is an intricate part of this photographic mixed media collage practice, which she describes as ‘painting with paper & drawing with scissors’. The results, offering the viewer an alternative vision, interwoven to an ethereal place, imagined but firmly entrenched in reality. At time’s confronting, her collages document the ordinary and celebrate the extraordinary elements of human interaction, with both place and beings.

Lane received both BFA (2012) and MFA (2017) from Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland. Recent exhibitions include Without End, Sanderson Gallery, Auckland; I’ve Hidden Your Knickers Under Here (where the boys won’t see), Allpress Studio, Auckland; Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards, Whakatāne Exhibition Centre; Nevermind the Apocalypse, Paul Nache Gallery, Gisborne. Lane was the recipient of Akel Schulte Runner-up Award in the 2019 Molly Morpeth Canaday Painting and Drawing Award and is a finalist in the 2019 National Contemporary Art Award and the Wallace Art Awards in 2017. Lanes works are included in the Wallace Arts Trust Collection and various private collections.

Amorangi Hikuroa
Amorangi Hikuroa of Nga Puhi, Ngati Maniapoto, Tainui, Ngati Toro, and Te Popoto descent, has for the past twenty years immersed himself in the profound quest to honour the whakapapa of Māori Uku practice. These traditions are intertwined with the cultural tapestry of Te Moana Nui A Kiwa and extend their influence far beyond, embodying the depth and diversity of his practice.

Since establishment in 2017, MD Gallery has cultivated a reputation for the procurement and curation of high calibre artworks, offering a unique perspective on the flourishing creative industry of the Tai Tokerau region. We represent a unique selection of artists, all of whom are either from, or are based in the region, strengthening our fundamental objective to showcase exceptional contemporary fine art by Tai Tokerau artists. MD Gallery holds regular exhibitions in Tai Tokerau and is open by appointment.

MD Gallery is proud to present celebrated Tai Tokerau artists: Amorangi Hikuroa, Teresa HR Lane and Rosy & Rich at the 2024 Aotearoa Art Fair. Sharing a rich and diverse connection to place and united by their deep sense of responsibility towards environmental preservation, these artists draw inspiration from the natural world, reimagining and repurposing materials to reflect the beauty and fragility of their surroundings. Uku works by Hikuroa, Collage works by Lane and Ceramic works by Rosy & Rich collectively underscore the urgency of protecting our environment whilst highlighting the interwoven relationship between art and nature.