• Justine Varga

Over the course of the previous decade artist Justine Varga has carved an award winning ouevre from her work with cameraless photography. Pushing the architecture of her image-making into a conceptual terrain more readily associated with sculpture, performance and drawing, Varga’s work emphasises themes of embodiment and duration. Drawn on, handled, scratched, spat on and weathered, Varga’s images offer an autobiographical witnessing of the world.

More than mere residue, Memoire speaks to physical contact and an accumulative interplay of forces. Heat, action, duration and thought are brought into relation with human bodies, atmospheres and the chemical substrate of the photographic process itself.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5pm, Saturday 11am – 3pm


  • 16 Putiki Street
  • Auckland 1021