• 青い
  • Mayu Kanamori
  • カツオ(のえ)ブ(ォ)シ
  • Hana Kobori
  • Hisao Kobori
  • Ravi Masaki
  • Chugen Nakahara
  • Masaaki Oyamada
  • Kyohei Sakaguchi
  • Shinoka Sekihara
  • Moeko Sonoda
  • Kazuya Tateishi
  • Makiko Tomita
  • Utageguruma

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) is an exhibition exchange between Kikuchi University, Kumamoto, Japan, and Enjoy Contemporary Art Space. The exhibition is a scrapbook of what might or might not be, and a contemplation of the future. Artists have been encouraged to consider their personal and collective relationships to the future from their own perspective.

The exhibition includes work by 青い, Mayu Kanamori, カツオ(のえ)ブ(ォ)シ, Hana Kobori, Hisao Kobori, Ravi Masaki, Chugen Nakahara, Masaaki Oyamada, Kyohei Sakaguchi, Shinoka Sekihara, Moeko Sonoda, TASKAM, Kazuya Tateishi, Makiko Tomita and Utageguruma.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) seeks to stimulate earnest, personal consideration of how the future is moulded out of our current actions and attitudes. At the same time, the project attempts to dislocate the gallery, the artwork and the artist, and instead focus on the direct experience of media within time and space.

"The moment the sensory information clashes with your brainwaves it creates a unique set of chain reactions and starts to form a network of references based on your existing perspective. This space of perception is the essense of the project. Perhaps, that is the location of the future.

It’s over to you. The world is on your shoulders."

Accompanying the exhibition is a series of experimental, collaged, scrapbooked works made through participatory workshops facilitated by 5ever Books in both Japan and Aotearoa.

In an exchange between Kikuchi University and Enjoy Contemporary Art Space, a selection of artists from Aotearoa exhibited in Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) at Camp Gallery, Kumamoto City, Japan, from 13 - 19 May.

The Camp Gallery exhibition included work by Adam Ben-Dror, Chris Berthelsen, Xin Cheng, Teresa Collins, William James Davis, Laura Duffy, Nathan Hoturoa Gray, Nash Karaitiana, Kemi and Niko, Campbell Kneale, Sylvia Lauris, Rumen Rachev, Daniel Skjerl-Rovers, Elsbeth Steel, Barry Thomas, Ruth Thomas-Edmond, James Wylie, and Louie Zalk-Neale.

Curated by Max Trevor Thomas Edmond


Opening Hours

  • Wednesday - Friday, 11am - 6pm
  • Saturdays, 11am - 4pm


  • 211 Left Bank
  • Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington