• Oliver Chūn Xú

Inspired by the compact apartment living style in Auckland CBD, this work aims to explore the meaning of the private space – the bedroom and how the small spaces we inhabit shape our emotions, connections and comprehension of space or home through the objects within. My bedroom is compact, accommodating only a single bed and barely a bedside table which I don’t have. Although small, the room possesses an uncanny ability to make one feel at ease and safe. The moment you step inside, a sense of cosiness holds you. The walls are painted in a soft, soothing Spanish white, making the room feel open and inviting. The compact space has been thoughtfully designed to maximise every inch.

The single bed, a simple yet inviting platform, sits right against a big-sized window. In this space, the bed is a place to retreat, read a book during the day while bathing in sunlight and watch the clouds adrift in the sky or watch a movie at night, while still feeling connected to the vibrant energy of the city outside. “We all know that the big city is a clamorous sea, [...] I dream an abstract-concrete daydream. My bed is a small boat lost at sea; that sudden whistling is the wind in the sails. [...] Sleep, in spite of the storm. Sleep in the storm. Sleep in your own courage, happy to be a man who is assailed by wind and wave” (Bachelard, 1992, 28).

My Single-Bed Room is built on the idea that the room is not merely a physical structure. It also has its imaginary dimensions in our memories, secrets, intimacy, daydreams, and emotional connections. It encourages the audience to explore the essence of home, and a sense of belonging. The work is made of easily attainable and cost-effective materials like dowels, segments of garden hose, joiners, and pipes.

Artist Bio

Oliver Chūn Xú is a multi-disciplinary artist/designer based in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland working with a variety of mediums including painting, programming, moving images, photography, sculpture and installation. Informed by a background in programming and Web/Graphic Design, he is inspired by nature, science, technology, Sci-Fi, languages, and world religions. Born in China, Oliver came to Aotearoa New Zealand at the age of 20 to study computer science at Waikato University. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) at Elam, University of Auckland (2013). He has since exhibited at Depot Artspace and Upstairs Gallery where he won the Emerging Artist Highly Commended Award (2018).

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