• Wesley John Fourie

Broker is pleased to present Wesley John Fourie's, “New Night Wanderings”, an exhibition spanning textiles, drawing, embroidery and paintings made in Aotearoa and Europe, over the course of 2022.

Wesley John’s new works address our arboreal and also urban environments and ask the viewer, "where does my body belong, where do these bodies belong?”. Identifying with artists who throughout history have taken desire and sexuality and transformed them into a creative force, here, Fourie presents a dynamic body of work which joyously speaks to this idea. 

In the large sculptural work, I Followed You into the Sea, a river of colour and texture, suspended in space, becomes a metaphor for climate justice, with the 1/100 scale model of the length of the Ohinemataroa Whakatane river in the artist’s signature style of finger knitting and fabric. This significant work draws into question societal and cultural comparisons, hierarchies and distinctions comparing the preservation and protection of nature and people, (the river also runs through Te Urewera - a protected area with legal personhood status). 

The brevity and swiftness of Fourie’s oil paintings reflect an intensity of desire and activity in both the subject and the rush to translate memories and moments into paint for the artist. (Forest For Loving In 1,2,3), and Night Wandering, present a vivid, hypnotic forest landscape as a backdrop for intimacy, connection and abandon. Double Self Portrait (Dissolving into a Forest), not only doubles the intensity of bare wanting, but at the same time through repetition, multiplies a statement of confidence from an artist unabashedly celebrating their own true nature. Dissolving into the Earth (Daniel's Blessing), and The Anticipation (to be yours) again address bodies, both spent from and waiting with anticipation to be satisfied. 

The Red Night Wanderings suite of works consists of 17 ink drawings on paper, which are a significant new work and direction for the artist. Detailing flashbacks of a Berlin sex club and rendered with a flattened, playful and comically explicit graphic joy, these drawings reverberate not only with the artists’s own adventures and imagination, but also with the historical, underground, cultural echoes of this major European city and its raw, expressionistic artistic legacy.

Please note, some artworks in this exhibition portray adult themes and imagery.

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday, 11am - 4pm
  • Or by appointment


  • Ground Floor, 36 Grant Road
  • Five Mile Centre
  • Frankton
  • Queenstown