• Tess Wing

Tess Wing is a textile based sculpture artist, who uses transitional objects to create cute, desirable objects with horror like qualities. Wing’s existing practise covers topics such as the discourse between behaviours shared by animals and humans, consumerism, mental health, climate change and the macabre.

Wing uses tactile objects to create anthropomorphised characters that generate narrative and conversation within her work.

Nothing New (2024) is an archival installation consisting of works made by Wing that explore the complexities of human and animal behaviours using the transitional object as a medium. The work presented in Nothing New (2024) were created to provide a social commentary on relationships whether that be human or animal relations, domestic family relationships or a combination of the two. Nothing New (2024) consists of objects that takes the soft toy, a highly curated impersonation of an animal, distorted through the cute aesthetic and transforms the object into one that does not seek to comfort and sooth. Deploying the transitional object as medium, Wing Unpicks and restitches the stuffed animals to create new creatures that produce affect and provoke feelings of parental desires and repulsion.

Opening Hours

  • Thursday to Saturday 2 - 6pm
  • Or by appointment


  • Downstairs in the Carnegie Center
  • 110 Moray Place.
  • Otepoti Central