• Galia Amsel
  • Stephen Bambury
  • Stella Brennan
  • Phil Dadson
  • John Edgar
  • Jennifer French
  • Brendon Leung
  • Anthony McCall
  • Kazu Nakagawa

Trish Clark Gallery is pleased to present P_R_O_C_E_SS, an evocative and satisfying mix of works by nine noted artists that come with a sculptural edge. The works all speak to an amplified understanding of process and a sense of durational material investigation. Those materials span stone, glass, timber, canvas, paint, brass, paper, ink, water, plaster and coffee grounds, though in these artists’ use they often confound ready apprehension, with the corporeality of the objects reminding us of the armatures that artists employ to structure their endeavours.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday - Friday 12pm - 5pm, Saturday 12pm - 4pm


  • 1 Bowen Avenue
  • Auckland, 1010