• Prof Robert Jahnke
PAULNACHE Aotearoa Art Fair

Prof Robert Jahnke
Primarily a sculptor, Robert Jahnke’s practice over the years has straddled design, illustration, animation and sculpture. His work possesses a creative vitality, often with a political edge, and focuses on differing perceptions of reality according to historical facts and circumstance.

Jahnke’s practice questions and challenges the established Eurocentric narration of New Zealand’s history, promoting and championing the Māori experience within his considered contemporary metaphor.

Working on a network model that draws on connections to identify and seize opportunities, PAULNACHE has established a reputation for dynamic and creative solutions in the presentation of its artists across the world. Growing a global market from “the first place to see the day”, PAULNACHE is based in idyllic Gisborne, consistently positioning its family of artists to national and international audiences through Art Fairs and invited exhibitions/events. At the heart of PAULNACHE is the desire to teach people an emotional connection with art, and to foster the sense of value that art has in terms of society, community, culture and life.

PAULNACHE in association with the Aotearoa Art Fair invites you to experience Te Wepu MMXXIII - a stunning new exhibition from one of New Zealand's leading contemporary Māori artists, Prof. Robert Jahnke.

Recently named as one of the Arts Foundation's 2023 Laureates, Jahnke is a highly respected educator who works as an historian, teacher, researcher, writer and advocate for Māori and indigenous arts nationally and internationally.

In Te Wepu MMXXIII, Jahnke references elements of Para Matchitt's iconic Te Wepu Installation, using layers of triangular and diamond light to frame its signature motifs while creating iterations of pattern into infinity - cloaked by reflections embracing star, moon, mountain, heart and cross, reverberating enlightenment as light emerges out of the darkness.

This Aotearoa Art Fair presentation coincides with Prof. Jahnke’s invitation to participate in ‘Personal Structures 2024’, the 7th edition of the Biennial of International Art held at the Palazzo Bembo in Venice from the 20th April – 24th November 2024, alongside the Venice Biennale.