• Daphne Simons

Peach Teats at the Dude Ranch is a project where disidentification runs amuck. Simons transforms ‘Peach Teats’ the iconic character from the dairy-product billboards located on State Highway 1 into a series of intentionally homo-eroticised caricatures. They also reference the controversial M.A.D.g.E. sponsored billboards from the early 2000’s. Although instead of investigating genetic engineering through cliche gender roles and shock tactics, the artist conceptually ‘drags’ Peach Teats into 1950’s Reno, Nevada where the 1985 lesbian classic film “Desert Hearts” is set. The resulting designs have been digitised and made into embroidered patches. This process enables the disparate references to be held together and rendered as tangible emblems which signal a fictional sub-culture of rural queer belonging.


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  • Reeves Road Billboards
  • Parnell Station Billboards