• Richard Killeen
  • Peter Robinson
  • Charles Tole
  • Toss Woollaston

Personal Stories brings together four exceptional artists from New Zealand's rich art landscape: Richard Killeen, Peter Robinson, Charles Tole, and Toss Woollaston.

It is a testament to the profound intertwining of art and personal narratives. Each work holds not only a story told from each artist's distinctive voice but also the stories from the people who have lived with and loved the works.

As you explore this exhibition, McLeavey invite you to discover the stories within the artworks, each work speaking to a particular and distinct moment in the history of Aotearoa, the stories the collectors have to tell and the stories that McLeavey Gallery itself continues to tell.

For more information and if you would like to receive a copy of the digital catalogue, once it is available, please contact the gallery.

Opening Hours

  • Wednesday - Friday, 11am–5pm
  • Saturday, 11am–3pm


  • 147 Cuba Street
  • Te Aro
  • Pōneke Wellington