• Janet Mazenier
  • Sarah Treadwell

Physical Traces, mapping with detail is a collaborative effort by two women meeting together to explore the volcanic, sedimentary and the oceanic. Undertaken with cumulative layers of labour, Janet Mazenier's thick wax surfaces are repeatedly inscribed and eroded with signs, symbols and embodied memories from Ireland, while Sarah Treadwell's watercolour and oil enact the tension of currently bereft marine conditions in a liquid mesh of figure and ground. Made in the physical community of Te Hau Kapua - Devonport, the work draws obliquely on its earthworks and folded sea edges, yet the artists’ fabrications also refer to distant places and wider social and political conditions.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm


  • 28 Clarence Street
  • Te Hau Kapua Devonport