• Peggy Ahwesh (US), Noël Burch (US), CAMP (IND), Filipa César (POR), Mati Diop (FR), The Otolith Group (UK), Louis Henderson (UK), Maddie Leach (NZ), Rebecca Meyers (US), Philip Scheffner (DE), Allan Sekula (US), G. Anthony Svatek (US/AT), Francisco Rodriguez (CL/FR)
Under 16s free, non-New Plymouth residents $15, seniors $10

The Govett-Brewster’s Projection Series surveys the landscape of historical and contemporary fine art filmmaking, encouraging our audiences to experience the wider world of local and international film and moving image.

Curated by Erika Balsom, the Govett-Brewster’s 2017 International Film Curator in Residence, An Oceanic Feeling challenges the Romantic myth of the ocean as a dark, monstrous void of unknowable depths, populated by alien creatures.

Through a series of screenings of recent artists’ film from around the world, An Oceanic Feeling explores how the seas are thoroughly imbricated in human histories of colonialism, slavery, exploration and labour. This projection series asks: what if we understood the ocean not as dividing us but as connecting us? What politics, what ethics, would follow?

An Oceanic Feeling is presented through a series of one-off screenings in the Len Lye Centre Cinema with three works selected as a showcase in Gallery 1 and the Mezzanine.

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm


  • 42 Queen Street
  • New Plymouth