Curated by Simon Denny

"Proof of work" brings together works engaged with the culture around cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain as a possible new infrastructure for money, computing and organizing. This includes artwork made by crypto builders, crypto experiments built by artists, and paintings and drawings that resonate with cryptocurrency but predate the invention of bitcoin.

"Proof of work" takes its title from the consensus algorithm used in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A protocol for curating designed by Simon Denny has distributed decisions regarding the inclusion of artworks and artists across a group of artists, curators and technologists.

Curated by Simon Denny in dialogue with Distributed Gallery, Harm van Dorpel, Sarah Hamerman and Sam Hart, Ket Kreutler, Aude Launay and Anna-Lisa Scherfose.

Simon Denny is represented in New Zealand by Michael Lett.

Opening Hours

  • Thursday - Sunday, 12pm - 6pm

Schinkel Pavillon

  • Oberwallstraße 1 (über Französische Str. wegen Bauarbeiten, Unter den Linden
  • 10117 Berlin
  • Germany