The Kelliher Art Trust is delighted to present this exhibition of 32 superb landscapes from its collection. “Rare and unrivalled beauty” is a phrase used by Sir Henry Kelliher to characterise our spectacular countryside and it was its preservation by artists in painting that inspired him to establish the celebrated competition that bore his name.

Some of these paintings were purchased by Sir Henry from the competition. Others were purchased a little over a decade ago and others were commissioned by younger, emerging landscape painters in the last few years, thus continuing Sir Henry’s objective of encouraging the painting of New Zealand landscapes.

In selecting a cross-section from the collection for this exhibition, we were keen to include a good number of paintings depicting South Island scenes, as well as works by Kelliher-era artists who are still working.

Today, landscape painting comes in many forms and styles, and the more modernist and contemporary approaches to the genre do not appear at all out of place in our leading contemporary dealer galleries.

This exhibition can only be a snapshot of landscape practice in New Zealand over the last 65 years but we are hopeful that it amply illustrates its vitality and persistence.

Christopher Johnstone Curator, Kelliher Art Trust

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