• Imogen Taylor

Recent works by Imogen Taylor will be presented at Michael Lett, 3 East St, from 2 – 10 September.

About the artist
Imogen Taylor is known for creating geometrical abstractions that engage and play with the forms and legacies of European Modernism. Though Taylor draws from the abstracted forms and coloured juxtapositions of Cubism, Fauvism, and Russian Constructivism, her paintings are stripped of the masculine self-seriousness that saturates the source material. Instead, in their vibrant interplay of thickly applied colour and contrasts between imposing parallel lines and soft curves, the work is joyful, sincere, and pleasurable.

Opening Hours

  • Friday 11am–5pm
  • Saturday 11am–3pm
  • By appointment


  • 3 East Street
  • Auckland 1010