• Ramon Robertson

Robertson’s new exhibition Red Moss circles around themes of research, public art and public accessibility in and around different areas of Auckland. Within these themes are concepts looking at people and environment, and the nature of society.

One of the central ideas behind several works in this exhibition is influenced by an exploration of Bledisloe House. The paradox of this purpose-built council building, constructed in the “Modern” style was what initially intrigued Robertson. Conversations about the building revealed varied opinions on its heritage status and iconic presence. Adding to the intrigue, was the presence of Guy Ngan’s public art frieze on the rooftop penthouse, inaccessible to the public. The search for access to the frieze became a small project in itself and inspired the making two wall relief works: Public society Service #1 & 2.

An ongoing interest in Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan became an extension of the research of this project, exploring the concepts and nature of the sculptural work, which sits somewhere in the middle ground, between art and architecture.  Ideas of art in society and art about society are contained in some of the works and act as a simple documentation of thoughts and subjects which connect to the sociological subject of what is a society?   Robertson is also interested in the human process of translating ideas to real form to phenomenological perception, via the viewer’s response. The natural abstraction in this process is manifest in the physical and three-dimensional responses in the exhibition, which aim to evaluate the space between person, art and environment. As such these works seem activate the space around them, bridging the gap between internal and external worlds, allowing those of us in their field of influence to be more aware of our place in our surroundings.

Gallery Hours

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  • 455 Mount Eden Road
  • Mount Eden
  • Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland