• Negin Dastgheib

Negin Dastgheib has always been interested in the concept of home. Earlier works focused on Dastgheib’s family memories of pre-revolution Iran and her own nostalgia for that time. A few years ago the artist began to expand and explore the notion of ‘home’ through other memories of places and experiences. She found herself painting from nature – a space she says she feels most at ease, most comfortable in herself. Through connecting to the natural world Dastgheib finds a space of sensory enjoyment and depth of feeling where she allows her instinct to guide her process.

Despite the intuitive mutability of her process, there remains an innately earnest quality to Dastgheib’s paintings. The works are imbued with a certain kind of intimacy; a somewhat disarming sense of sincerity that is rarely encountered. Her loosely rendered botanical forms linger at the edge of reality and abstraction through the artist’s remarkable sensitivity to composition, form, texture, and colour. Dastgheib works across a vibrant palette and the titles of works are equally dynamic – Sea Creatures, Mandarin Skins, Hot Flush, Marshmallow Blooms, Paisley Dreams – and draw a charming and playful juxtaposition between the botanical forms with often unexpected imagery.

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday 10am - 5.30pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm


  • 42 Victoria Street
  • Wellington, 6011