• Jo Burzynska

Sound and scent have regularly combined in the imagination across cultures. Through both Jo Burzynska’s own research, and current scientific studies, many of the scent and sound combinations in this exhibition have been found to be widely associated together. Here, multisensory bells ring out a call to meditate on, nurture and celebrate resonances and interconnectivity through a shared sensory experience. Visitors are invited to experience the scent and sound pairing of each bell in close proximity, then how they combine within the wider space.

Dr Jo Burzynska is a multimedia artist, researcher and writer. Initially working in sound, her practice has become increasingly multisensory, resulting in work that combines sound with taste, touch and scents. Burzynska is engaged with research into sensory interactions and their creative application, developing a practice she calls crossmodal art. Informed by the fields of psychology, sensory science and anthropology, this was the focus of her practice-led doctoral research. She was the winner of the Premier Award in the Zonta Ashburton Female Art Awards 2023.

Opening hours

  • Open Daily: 10AM – 4PM
  • Late Night Wednesday: 10AM – 7PM


  • 327 West Street
  • Ashburton, 7700