• Sefton Rani
  • Daphne Mason
  • Mark Schdroski

Scott Lawrie Gallery has four shows for his final exhibition at the gallery; a major solo show of new work by Sefton Rani, an intriguing solo show by the late Daphne Mason, a small of work by Mark Schdroski, and a series of four paintings of the Maori prohpets by Brett a’Court.

To celebrate the last show, there are a series of artists talks in the gallery; two this Saturday and a talk with Sefton Rani on June 10, the final day of the gallery. Contact Scott Lawrie Gallery for more information.

On Saturday 3 June at Noon, you can meet the family of Daphne Mason and hear Janet, her daughter, talk a little but about her Mum’s life and artistic practice. Scott will be asking some questions too, so feel free to join him! Daphne’s work is both beautiful and bold, and this is a delightful introductory show to a woman long overdue for recognition in Aotearoa.

Then, around 12.30pm, Mark Schdroski will talk through his show of paintings, and explain the enquiry behind The Narcissus series of works which light up the gallery walls with their sumptuous colour fields.

Join Scott Lawrie Saturday 3rd at Noon at The Steelworks, 10/13 Coles Avenue, Mt Eden. Plenty of parking outside the gallery. All welcome.

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