• Semiconductor

UK artist duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt are Semiconductor. Assisted and informed by access to scientific data and technology, their visually spectacular, intellectually engaging video projects delve into unseen and unseeable worlds, making the invisible visible. Many of their works have developed out of fellowships at science facilities—places like NASA, CERN, and the Smithsonian.

The show’s central video installation Earthworks (2016), uses data from real-world volcanoes, glaciers, and earthquakes—including the 2016 Kaikoura quake. Other works take data from the ultrabig to the ultrasmall, from activity on the surface of the sun to the movement of subatomic particles.

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm
  • AND First Thursdays until 10pm (excluding April 2019)

City Gallery Wellinton Te Whare Toi

  • Civic Square, 101 Wakefield Street
  • Wellington 6140