• Hanns Kunitzberger
  • Shila Khatami
  • Coen Young
  • Bill Culbert
  • Jenny Topfer

Our footprints always follow us... They always show us where we’ve been, But never where we’re going. - AA Milne via WTP.

It may be more scholarly to not begin with a quote offered up by a stuffed bear but there you go… and as Pooh also said “wherever you go there you are”… though that may be mis-attributed but let’s pretend it’s not.

Whatever, whoever said this I am intrigued by the notion of a trail of footprints leading us ahead, one step at a time, in and out of darkness and light – fumbling forwards in a state of relative blindness... like Pooh and Piglet in small circles.

I have the sense that sometimes painters operate as if in a snowstorm – seeking to secure vision out of nothingness and then offering it back to us poor souls - so dependent as we are on maps and coordinates, on being told where to go and what to see.

Each of the artists in this exhibition work on the sharp edge of acuity. Such is the keenness of their vision that I have the sense that sometimes it almost gets in the way - that the work is a visual antidote to the visual overload of existence.

Andrew Jensen, 2023

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