• John Reynolds

‘Let us recall that time, as Einstein and other physicists have explained, is not linear but circular…Our lives are not points on a line; rather we are the centres of circles.’

John Berger Confabulations

These twilight paintings attempt to create an elegiac cycle of works, while nonetheless seeking an ecstatic register.

Pain, of course, requires us to pay attention. So too, does love.

‘Cocteau was asked if his home was on fire, what one thing would he save? The fire, he said, only the fire.’

Nick Laird Up Late

The title Some Greater Plan (for Claire) is the title of a Neil Finn song from the new Crowded House album Gravity Steps.

The song orbits the family mystery of his father’s brief youthful romance in wartime Italy.

Our southern night sky, the frozen burning stars, suspend us in a furious song of the cosmos, and perhaps inevitably, as the physicists remind us, within some greater plan.

For Claire 1965 – 2022

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