• Patricia Piccinini, Sally Gabori, Monique Lacey, Rebecca Wallis, Lisa Roet, Sara Hughes, Fiona Pardington, Star Gossage, Grace Wright and Aroha Gossage

In a follow up to last year’s Never an Answer show, we’re proud to showcase outstanding work – from some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most significant women artists in this major exhibition.

We are grateful to the following galleries who we are working in collaboration with for this show:

Tim Melville (Star Gossage)

Starkwhite (Fiona Pardington)

Artis (Aroha Gossage)

Gow Langsford (Lisa Roet and Sara Hughes)

Parlour Projects (Grace Wright)

Opening Hours

  • Friday - Monday 11am - 5pm


  • 39 Omaha Valley Road
  • Matakana