• Denys Watkins
  • Christopher Ulutupu
  • Kāryn Taylor
  • Claudia Kogachi
  • Jaime Jenkins
  • Harry Culy
  • Hannah Ireland
  • Ruby Wilkinson
  • Lucy O'Doherty
  • Elisabeth Pointon
  • Alan Ibell
  • Priscilla Rose Howe
  • Caroline McQuarrie

Jhana Millers are now open for 2023, with a selection of works by their gallery artists installed over all the gallery spaces.

Summer Selection runs until Saturday the 11th of February.

The show features work by Denys Watkins, Christopher Ulutupu, Kāryn Taylor, Claudia Kogachi, Jaime Jenkins, Harry Culy, Hannah Ireland, Ruby Wilkinson, Lucy O'Doherty, Elisabeth Pointon, Alan Ibell, Priscilla Rose Howe and Caroline McQuarrie.

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Opening Hours

  • Wednesday – Friday, 11am – 5pm
  • Saturday, 11am – 4pm


  • Level 1, 85 Victoria Street
  • Te Aro
  • Te Whanganui-A-Tara, Wellington