• Meng Luding, Mao Lizi, Ma Shuqing, Xu Hongming, Qu Qianmei, Huang Jia, Hu Qinwu, Ge Ziyu, Li Peng, Yao Kai, Nakashima Harumi, John Reynolds, Charlie Sheard, and Maximilian Daniels (Chinese only)

John Reynolds is represented by Starkwhite AUCKLAND and McLeavey Gallery WELLINGTON.

Supreme Metaphysics Spirit celebrates the work of fourteen artists from across the globe, spanning China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. All from vastly different backgrounds, ages and practices, their collective works cover painting, installation, ceramics and sculpture. In today's malleable world, such a disparate and varied array of styles allows time for us to contemplate the importance of abstraction in art–both its contemporary significance, and its place in the history of art-making.

Featuring the work of John Reynolds (NZ) and Maximilian Daniels (AUS), their inclusion in Supreme Metaphysics Spirit is the result of Monumental Culture Company's Chinese collectors tour to the 2019 Auckland Art Fair, signalling the beginning of further collaboration with the Epoch Art Museum and artists of the global south.