• Vicki Lenihan
  • Heramaahina Eketone
  • Megan Brady
  • Jessica Hinerangi Thompson- Carr
  • Madison Kelly
  • Georgina May Young
  • Mya Morrison-Middleton
  • Toa Emmett William Makapelu
  • Aidan Taira Geraghty
  • Aroha Novak
  • Piupiu Maya Turei
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"For centuries the heavens have provided navigational markers for ocean voyagers… quite apart from their navigational qualities, stars have fired the imagination of generations, acting as sources of wonderment and inspiration and challenging adventurers to seek new fields and remote domains" - From the introduction to Ngā Tini Whetū: Navigating Māori Futures by Sir Mason Durie.

Te Mahi Peita is the space's first exhibition and is a reference to our collective roots of rock art across the world. We have continued to paint on the walls of our environments throughout history - the pōra depicted around this country, anti-fascist graffiti on the walls of our cities and the scrawled circular faces my toddler draws around my house, all speak to a need to make marks as an experiential moment. This moment of creative liberation is the goal of Te Mahi Peita

Armed with paint pens, a bluetooth speaker and a kai station, the artists will create the work directly on to the walls of the exhibition space. They are all Ōtepoti based and range from emerging to established practitioners. Piupiu will be joined by Vicki Lenihan, Heramaahina Eketone, Megan Brady, Jessica Hinerangi Thompson-Carr, Madison Kelly, Georgina May Young, Mya Morrison Middleton, Aidan Taira Geraghty, Aroha Novak, Toa Makapelu and Zoe Hikairo Morehu.

Opening Hours


  • 43A Moray Place
  • Ōtepoti Dunedin