• Henry Curchod
  • Andrew Hazewinkel
  • Lara Merrett
  • Sarah Smuts-Kennedy
  • Ella Sutherland
  • Kathy Temin

TENT is a new Art Weekend taking place throughout Aotearoa and online, presented by the team who deliver the Auckland Art Fair. The inaugural edition of TENT will feature live exhibitions across the country and also online, and will take place from Thursday 4 – Sunday 7 November across New Zealand.

25+ galleries will present an off-site / pop-up exhibition, anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand (but NOT in their own gallery space) – and at the same time, show the art online in specially created online viewing rooms at

Online Exhibition: 2pm Thurs 4 – 8pm Sun 7 November

Live Exhibition: 5 - 7 November

Sumer presents, Pīpīwharauroa Shining Cuckoo, a joint presentation with Laree Payne Gallery in Tauranga. Wanting something fun and energetic to look forward to, Sumer and Laree Payne had planned to show at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tāmaki Makaurau. When plans had to change, Sumer welcomed good friend, Laree Payne Gallery for a joint presentation in Tauranga.

Sumer will show work with colour, life, and good energy, featuring a selection of new and recent works by gallery artists including Henry Curchod, Andrew Hazewinkel, Lara Merrett, Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Ella Sutherland and Kathy Temin, alongside works by the talented artists represented by Laree Payne.


Friday 5 Nov 10am – 3pm

Saturday 6 November 10am – 3pm

Sunday 7 November 10am – 3pm

Viewing Hours

  • Online Exhibition: 2pm Thurs 4 – 8pm Sun 7 November
  • Live Exhibition: 5 - 7 November


  • Sumer
  • Waihirere Lane
  • (Spring Street access laneway)
  • Tauranga