• Gretchen Albrecht
  • Elizabeth Thomson

TENT is a new Art Weekend taking place throughout Aotearoa and online, presented by the team who deliver the Auckland Art Fair. The inaugural edition of TENT will feature live exhibitions across the country and also online, and will take place from Thursday 4 – Sunday 7 November across New Zealand.

25+ galleries will present an off-site / pop-up exhibition, anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand (but NOT in their own gallery space) – and at the same time, show the art online in specially created online viewing rooms at

Online Exhibition: 2pm Thurs 4 – 8pm Sun 7 November

Live Exhibition: 5 - 7 November

Two Rooms and TENT present recent work by Gretchen Albrecht and Elizabeth Thomson in the home of Independent Art Consultant Kate Darrow. Designed by Herbst Architects in 2006 the family home sits in a forest setting, near Cambridge.

Viewing is welcomed but is strictly by appointment - for booking details see HERE

Grechen Albrecht will exhibit a work from her November 2020 exhibition After Goya. This dramatic series paid homage to Goya’s portraits of three women. Rather than a straight representation of the subject, Albrecht has produced an abstract and dramatic response to the 18th century painter’s work , with its assured brushstrokes resonating over canvas with a sensuous colour palette of blue and purple, pink and white. Combining formal, historical and ephemeral qualities, this work is not only a homage to Goya’s famous portrait but to its subject who was renowned for the patronage of artists, writers and scientists.

Elizabeth Thomson is presenting a spectacular new ‘exoplanet’ artwork for TENT from her most recent body of work, Lateral Theories. Nyx c draws upon her long standing fascination with aerial perspectives and satellite imaging. Echoing early works based on organic life evident elsewhere, these planetary like artworks are influenced by her investigations into the ‘visible’ planet we know and the ‘invisible’ planets that exist within, beyond or alongside our own. At once worldly and otherworldly’, the new exoplanet is an embrace of the physical realm, in all its strangeness and beauty.

Viewing Hours

  • Online Exhibition: 2pm Thurs 4 – 8pm Sun 7 November
  • Live Exhibition: 5 - 7 November


  • The Bark House,
  • 40a Cranmere Drive
  • Tamahere
  • Waikato