• James Baldwin, Lynn Choi, Ricci Ferigo, Timothy Haryadi, Enid Hu, Doyeon Kim, Jun Lee, Minsoo Lee, Jet Loxton, Jordan May, Pae Nuanmangsor, Monique Park, Emily Ramsay, Reuben Shortland, Marco Staines, William Tan, Naomi Tjandra and Samuel Yao

In these short animated works, Digital Design students in the School of Art & Design at AUT explore the documentary genre, using the medium of animation.

The documentary genre has been traditionally associated with live action films, due to the notion that photographic media is ‘objective’ and records ‘reality’. However, in the last two decades there have been a growing number of documentary features that draw on the unique properties of animation to pack an emotional punch, such as the Oscar-nominated features ‘Waltz with Bashir’ (2008) by Ari Folman, and ‘Persepolis’ by Marjane Satrapi.

Animation can portray aspects of the human condition that are inherently ‘real’ and more readily communicated through methods such as drawing, stop-motion, and CGI. These aspects might include subjective states, flights of fantasy, and memory, and the choice of visual style also adds an extra layer of meaning.

In these animated documentary sequences, students have interviewed a family member, friend, or neighbour, and have extracted 40 memorable seconds from these interviews.

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