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Warm up, work out and warm down with The Blue Oyster Artist Run Gym, a combined games hall, recreation center, gym and gallery, purpose-designed to meet all of your arts-workout needs.

Warm up and practice social climbing with the artist run gym’s bright and alluring climbing wall.

Enter the chaos of the charcoal archery range, draw your bow, find your target, and then fire into the unknown.

Attune your focus and aspirations with a guided funding meditation, before working and burning out with an art-grind spin class.

Now, warm down, decompress as you piece together speculative poetry in E-Kare’s digital game.

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We're all owned by corporations, we live in an oligarchy, you're welcomed by E Kare (^^,)_/

E-Kare (founded in 2016, Te Whanganui-a-Tara) is a xMUSICxARTx collective. Our produce is whimsical and silly, we love gimmicks and impermanence. GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES I can't get these GAMES out of my head.

Harrison Freeth (Pākehā, Tongan, Sāmoan) searches through lines which connect genealogy, land, self and culture within a contemporary art context. Harrison is influenced by Moana philosophies of Tāvāism, pedagogies of play and existentialist philosophy. His work is a medley of stories, lessons and questions that intersect as a diary entry in which the medium of words is substituted for materials, form, motifs and mark making. Harrison is currently exhibiting in Canterbury Museum’s Shift exhibition and is in negotiation for a new exhibit in Anna-Marie’s parents’ garage.

Anna-Marie Mirfin is an artist based in Ōtepoti who works across different mediums, including drawing, ceramics and video. She likes to work at small scales and with others. Anna-Marie is the founder of The Blue Oyster Artist Run Gym. She's exhibited recently at Wave Project Space and her parent's garage.

Samantha Mitchell is a Te Whanganui-a-Tara based interdisciplinary artist, gym instructor and entrepreneur. Her practice focuses on middle class aspirational exploits, bureaucratic systems and codified communication, expressing her enterprising aims through mimicry and satire in relational performance, video and print work. Constantly on the search for the next socially and financially lucrative business venture, she’s just a digital pack rat looking for a wealthy investor.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday-Friday, 11am–5pm
  • Saturday, 11am–3pm


  • 16 Dowling Street
  • Ōtepoti, Dunedin