The Ceremony in the Air is a network of paintings by Pip Davies, strung together in a cloak-like embrace.The work comprises twenty-three acrylic paintings on fabric, with patterns determined upon a geometric formwork of ‘Einstein tiles’. The recently discovered Einstein tile is a thirteen-sided polygon that tessellates infinitely, without ever repeating the same exact pattern.

This recent work draws upon Davies’ interest in finding existential meaning through the patterns and cycles of our universe, from her study of forms such as mangopare and buta, to her beliefs as a Nichiren Buddhist and her appreciation of the layered nature of humanity. In The Ceremony in the Air, the artist nestles together different mathematical and philosophical theories about life itself, testing the building blocks of connection.

Pip Davies was born in Te Matau-a-Māui Hawke’s Bay in 1961 and lives and works in Haumoana. She holds a degree in Visual Arts and Design from EIT Hawke’s Bay, 2008, and a Certificate in Māori and Indigenous Art from Toimairangi School of Māori Visual Arts, 2023.

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