• Patricia Piccinini
  • Inga Fillary
  • Amadeo Grosman
  • Rebecca Hazard
  • Monique Lacey
  • Rebecca Wallis

The Confessions is Scott Lawrie Gallery’s first public show outside of the gallery, and is being held at Silo 6 (cnr of Jellicoe and Beaumont St) on Auckland’s waterfront. It’s inspired by the infamous Scottish witch hunts conducted in the 16th and 17th centuries – desperately cruel, barbaric events of mass hysteria and misogyny – where thousands of innocent women were cruelly strangled and then burnt at the stake.

‘Who would have believed we're perilously close to something similar today; women suffering from oppression and patriarchal control over their bodies?’ asks gallery Director Scott Lawrie. ‘It’s no surprise that witch hunts usually took place at times of political and social upheaval such as those we are witnessing today. The rise of cancel culture, the hysteria of the virtue signallers, the shrill accusations, and the frightening delusions of the religious right have shifted from fringe theories and eccentric beliefs to mainstream narratives in the new culture wars.’

The show – which is free and open to the public – runs every day from 12-6pm from this Sunday 10 July to Sat 23 July invites you to pause, reflect, and consider this pivotal time in history. Artists include Patricia Piccinini (pictured), Inga Fillary, Amadeo Grosman, Rebecca Hazard, Monique Lacey and Rebecca Wallis.

Opening Hours

  • 12pm-6pm, daily

Location (Off-site)

  • Silo 6 (cnr of Jellicoe and Beaumont St)
  • Auckland Waterfront
  • Auckland