• Robin White

Robin White has been based in Japan, working with Japanese collaborators on a beautiful new body of work. Ogawa Taeko connected with Robin White through a friend in Masterton. Robin travelled to her home and forged a close relationship, which speaks to themes of unity, peace, and resistance. Robin states:

“Once again I am reminded of the value of consultation in the process of collaboration. It is like a light that illumines the pathway that lies between our differences, shedding light on the ground where we find a common understanding. After further discussion between myself and Taeko, and the expressions of assurance and trust that is so necessary for a successful outcome of collaboration, Taeko resumes her work on the second set of panels. We receive a visit from a journalist who will write about our collaboration for the weekly ‘Peace Page’ of the Chugoku Shimbun, a local daily newspaper based in Hiroshima.”

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