• Zina Swanson

It's true that the first stick I collected was a tree

It was on Blenheim Road in Otāutahi

I didn't drive at the time but I made James do a U-turn


It looked lonely

Dumped in an industrial area

We hired a trailer and took it to the gallery

It was too big to get up the stairs in one piece

So we had to saw it up, in the stairwell, into three pieces

Three sticks

It felt mean

But I put it back together


The sticks in these paintings are dead and dry

Carefully chosen

Separated from their parent plant

Placed in scenarios that suggest domestic situations

Scenarios that suggest life

Scenarios that want to be alive



The shoe fits

But obviously it doesn't


Thermometers at full temp

But the stick is obviously not overheating


Bracelets on a stick wrist

A separated limb

Bits of me wrapped around bits of sticks


Washing instructions

From MY clothes

Forcing bits of me onto bits of them



Making them part of my life, by making them part of my paintings

Making a special shelf for them in my studio

The collection keeps growing


Sticks with grafts

Sticks with accessories


The first stick I collected was a tree


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