• Trak Gray, Dunedin Pride

The Rainbow Aurora is a celebration of Pride, re-imaged through the wonder of the Southern Lights. An artistic statement designed to bring the global Pride kaupapa to Ōtepoti, this bold and vibrant lighting installation will showcase the unique beauty of our local community and environment.

In The Rainbow Aurora, the Aurora Australis is recreated in full-spectrum colour and presented for discovery above George Street. The installation consists of 150 linear metres of LED festoon lighting mapped to animation. This animation, of the shifting rainbow aurora, moves the lights to create an ever- changing installation.

The Rainbow Aurora will be on George Street for Dunedin Pride Month, in March. This installation offers an alternative way to celebrate Pride that will endure, regardless of covid public health measures. The Rainbow Aurora is all about the unique feeling of LGBT+ Pride in Ōtepoti Dunedin. It celebrates the whakapapa of Pride, and our beautiful natural environment, together.

Trak Gray is a Dunedin-based artist who works primarily with technology. They completed a Bachelor of Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology in 2017, with a special focus in e-textiles. They are an advocate of the Pride movement, with a particular interest in queer health outcomes. They have previously worked on engagements for Love Your Condom, Ending HIV, Pamoja, KPMG Canada and NOM*d.

Passionate about queer beauty, Trak’s work explores queerness, camp, and identity with a focus on embracing rapidly emerging technological interventions. Trak is an artist who works across many mediums including drag, photography, digital art, and public installations.


  • Dawn – Dusk, Daily


  • George Street
  • Between Moray Place and Frederick Street
  • Dunedin