• Anna Sew Hoy, Dane Mitchell, Edith Amituanai, Josephine Cachemaille, Paul Cullen, Laura Duffy and Aliyah Winter with InsideOUT. Curated by Chloe Geoghegan.

Thinking About Thinking About the Future is a new group exhibition, developed over the lockdown period, that thinks about the future through the current moment.

If this era of pandemic-driven flux could be visualised, what would it look like? In the past few months, feelings of uncertainty have combined with decisive action to create a future that seems constantly just out of reach. If these strange times could tell us anything, however, it is that the future is always just out of reach, like a strange new constellation of stars in the distant sky or a rainbow appearing intermittently on the horizon.

This exhibition brings together new and existing work to create a reactive constellation; one that could only happen now, as society collectively emerges from a place of contemplation, of rāhui and of isolation.

Thinking About Thinking About the Future is also the title of sociologist Chamsy El-Ojeili’s introduction to Landfall 216. The 2008 issue, titled Utopias, suggests that in reflecting on our future (or futures) we should think of history as a messy accumulation of partly realised visions of the future, rather than as a sequence of events. Landfall is Aotearoa's longest running arts and literary journal.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-4.30pm


  • 420 Titirangi Road
  • Auckland 0604