• Olivia Asher
  • Grace Masters
  • Rosanna Szymanik-Meikle
  • Chanel Duff
  • Anna Finch

time is not linear and love never leaves us is a collaborative show featuring five Fine Arts students in their final year at Elam, Te Waka Tūhura. Each artist explores their own interpretation of intimacy; how that exists, or doesn’t, what they fantasise about - the embodiment of intimacy presents itself differently in each artist’s practice highlighting the varying forms in which they are sought.

The title of the show is cited from Gabi Abrão’s book ‘Notes on Shapeshifting’. Abrão details the nuances of intimacy, vulnerability and love, thematics imbued throughout the exhibition.

*** show contains artificial blood and nude imagery

Opening Hours

  • Mon - Fri
  • 12pm - 5pm


  • George Fraser Gallery
  • 25 Princes Street
  • Auckland CBD