• Ahsin Ahsin

Turbo Croc 2.0 is a new series of works by multidisciplinary artist Ahsin Ahsin that riffs off the evolution of his ‘Croc’ character. In 2018, the first ‘Croc’ — a half human/half crocodile hybrid — emerged in Ahsin’s practice, born out of his research into amphora black-figure vase paintings (a technique common on Greek vases between the 6th – 4th century BCE.).

Drawing from 80s and 90s sci-fi films and skate culture, Ahsin’s paintings are boundary pushing manifestations of big street NRG. Characters and motifs show up in his work like makers stamps —inscriptions that shapeshift through painted surfaces and city streets. His practice now contains an entourage of characters that includes robo croc, black figure croc and flamboyant & thicc croc.

Turbo Croc 2.0 showcases a new mural work that reunites the band of ‘crocs’. This sits alongside a collection of new paintings that stand as reimagined universes. These works are a return to Ahsin’s interest in the vase form and its ability to hold stories. This show embodies a ‘more is more’ mindset with each amphora, a portal into a neo-pop hyper-space. Turbo Croc 2.0 is a graphic celebration of Ahsin’s current practice, honouring how it has morphed over the years.

Ahsin Ahsin is an artist from the islands of Aitu and Aitutaki. He has completed major mural works as part of Boon street-art festival and Street Prints Mauao. Ahsin has exhibited largely throughout Aotearoa in Kirikiriroa, Auckland and Melbourne. He has an extensive list of commission work and has participated in international art initiatives including a series in India & Belgium.

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