• Various Artists

This exhibition focuses on the unfinished portrait, which the New Zealand Portrait Gallery has numerous examples of within its collection. The unfinished work of an artist can reveal the thought process that is conventionally hidden beneath the surface. It raises questions that we do not ask ourselves with a completed work. Why is it unfinished? Was it a force outside of the artist or an aesthetic choice? What constitutes a completed artwork? The exhibition will include works that are labelled unfinished and contemporary works that have an unfinished look by stylistic choice. Whether incomplete by choice or not, the unfinished portrait presents an intriguing impression on the viewer. It grants insight into the creative process and leaves space for the viewer to complete the picture with their own imagination, to naturally fill in the blanks.

Opening Hours

  • Open daily, 10am – 4.30pm


  • Shed 11, Wellington Waterfront
  • 60 Lady Elizabeth Lane