• Caitlin Merriman
  • Nell Somerford
  • Julia Vaastra 
  • Grace Masters
  • Gil Buenaventura
  • Grace Carter-Knight

“Who can forget those moments when something that seems inanimate turns out to be vitally, even dangerously, alive?” - Amitav Ghosh, Uncanny and Improbable Events.

Vitally and Dangerously Alive brings together a group of artists who are all working with a focus on the environment and its presence/absence amongst human life. The work in this show addresses the ways in which the natural world makes itself known within our daily lives, and the uncomfortable strangeness of being a person in this time of environmental instability. With their different approaches, the artists explore the uncanniness of existing under the anthropocene, and celebrate the vastly weird beauty of this planet we live on.

The artists are all in their final year of a BFA at Te Waka Tūhura Elam School of Fine Arts and Design.

Opening Hours

  • Tue: 12-6pm
  • Wed-Fri: 12-4pm
  • Sat: 12-6pm


  • George Fraser Gallery
  • 25 Princes Street
  • Auckland CBD