• Tim Jones

The sentiment of exploration is what drives my work. Voyage refers to the journey we go on, be it physical or spiritual, when we are able to explore new possibilities and ways of understanding.

In each piece of my work, I am looking for something new, something original. There is a fine balance between the preparation and planning phase and being in the moment. Essentially I am making micro-decisions throughout the process, able to pivot as the piece unfolds, allowing the work room to breathe.

Movement is an intrinsic part of my work. Each piece offers its own energy and version of paint manipulation, ranging from fluid sweeps to broad brush strokes. This keeps the work nimble, dynamic, and surprising, characteristics at the core of abstract expressionism.

As each viewer is on their individual voyage of life, so too, their perspective is completely unique, and it is the idea of the observer bringing their journey to the experience that excites me. I am always trying to encourage a closer look and a moment of inner reflection.

View a video of the exhibition here.

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