• Elizabeth Thomson and Len Lye

Waking Up Slowly is spirited conversation between two indomitable creative spirits, one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary artists, Elizabeth Thomson, and the country’s most internationally acclaimed 20th century artist, Len Lye. Alongside Lye’s kinetic sculptures, paintings, films and drawings, the exhibition features a large body of Thomson’s sculptures using bronze, zinc, glass-beading and fibreglass. Together the artists’ work explores the unconscious and conscious human mind as well as some of the darker nooks and crannies of the scientific world.

Featuring works from the breadth of Lye’s career, Waking Up Slowly expands the view with Thomson’s equally corporeal world, at the heart of which is the sensual and serpentine ‘Waking Up Slowly’, Thomson’s rarely seen installation of hand-formed glass.

Curated by Greg O'Brien.

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm


  • 42 Queen Street
  • New Plymouth