• John Nixon

This small retrospective presents twelve paintings by John Nixon from 1990 to 2014 that are previously unseen at Two Rooms. Drawn from different series, the works exemplify central aspects of Nixon's practice from this period of his 60-year oeuvre. In them, we see simple formal structures and specific primary and secondary colours in both monochrome and polychrome formats.

Nixon continues the principles of geometric and minimal abstraction to convey a sense of their possibility and renewal. His choices of art- and non-art materials, and the paintings’ strong relationship to the surrounding space are also factors in his personalisation and furtherance of an art form originating in the early twentieth century. As Nixon articulated in 2015: “through the materiality of all the works in the exhibition, the non-objective joins with the concrete and the real within an abstract realm.”

Read the accompanying essay by Sue Cramer, In the Morning Sunlight: John Nixon’s Paintings at Two Rooms, here.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5pm
  • Saturday 11am – 3pm


  • 16 Putiki Street
  • Auckland 1021