• Enjoy Contemporary
  • Open Call for Proposals
  • for projects scheduled
  • February-July 2023
  • -
  • Closes midnight
  • Sunday 14 August 2022
  • -
  • enjoy.org.nz

Enjoy Contemporary Art Space invites proposals from emerging and mid-career artists, curators, performers, and writers for projects February–July 2023. We seek proposals that are experimental, engage with the social and political capabilities of art, grow and extend audiences and contribute to a diverse art community.

This call is open to solo or group exhibitions and to curatorial and research/writing based projects. Proposals can be for one or both of Enjoy’s exhibition spaces, offsite or online. A floor plan and photos of the galley spaces are here.

Successful proposals will receive:
∙Artist/writer/curators’ fees
∙(indicative fee $1000 for a solo show of new work).
∙A production and travel budget (indictive budget $500 for a solo show of new work).
∙Presenter/performer fees for public programming.
∙Curatorial, technical and promotional support from the Enjoy team.

Information about Enjoy Contemporary Art Space, our past programming and our Mission and Vision is available at enjoy.org.nz

See here for how to apply.