Jhana Millers are pleased to announce that they are now representing Tyne Gordon.

Known for her gestural and explorative paint surfaces, object-making and an intense interest in materiality are significant aspects of Tyne’s practice. She revels in the various qualities of paint, media and materials to create texture and energy in the surfaces of her work. Smooth slick areas, exuberant impastos, gestural smears, cracks and scratches are all commonplace. Working intuitively, Tyne’s works are often an assortment of opposites; abstraction with figuration, chaos alongside control. Tyne is constantly editing, experimenting, and breaking her own rules.

The framing of the works and her sculptures are also an important aspect of Tyne’s practice. She casts her own frames from a mixture of different materials — resin, pewter, aluminium — referencing the materiality of the paint surfaces, which are in turn mirrored in the character of her sculptures. She is interested in creating an immersive experience with her exhibitions. The paintings being one aspect of many, blurring the two and three dimensions.

Tyne Gordon graduated from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts with a BFA (Hons) degree in painting in 2015 and lives and works in Christchurch. Recent exhibitions include: YORE at Weasel Gallery, Hamilton; Visitor, Toi Moroki Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch; MMCA painting and drawing exhibition, Whakatāne Museum and Arts, Whakatāne; Double Dribble, Ilam School of Fine Arts, Christchurch.

Jhana Millers will be showing new work of Tyne's in a group exhibition at the upcoming Auckland Art Fair, alongside Will Bennett, Harry Culy, Lucy O'Doherty and Ayesha Green. The gallery will also hold a solo exhibition with Tyne in August 2021.