• To apply, please submit a completed application form to [email protected] by 9am, Monday 29 March 2021.

Te Tuhi are now accepting proposals for their Project Wall, Reeves Road and Parnell Station Billboards, Digital Billboard and Speaker Space.

Applications are open to citizens and residents of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is recommended that applicants become familiar with the spatial and social contexts of the open call sites. There is an artist fee of $500 for each selected project. Te Tuhi offers a materials budget of up to $500 for Project Wall works and covers the production costs for the billboards.

Project Wall:

The Te Tuhi Project Wall is an ongoing series of artist projects, launched in 2006, initially as the Te Tuhi Drawing Wall. The Project Wall is the gallery’s most visible exhibition space, situated at the rear entrance where around 60% of Te Tuhi's 150,000+ annual visitors access the building. Proposed projects should consider the site as a transitional space, the durability of artwork materials, as well as the diverse audiences who visit Te Tuhi on a regular basis. For detailed specifications, click here.

Reeves Road & Parnell Station Billboards

The Te Tuhi Billboards are an ongoing series of public billboards at two separate locations. The original billboards opposite Te Tuhi on Reeves Road began as an experimental exhibition space in 2006, while the Parnell Station billboards were launched in 2019 following the opening of  Te Tuhi Studios at Parnell Station. Both billboard sites are in prominent, high-traffic areas, with an average of 10,000+ vehicles passing the Reeves Road Billboards, and thousands of commuters moving through the transport hub at Parnell daily. Proposals for new and existing works are encouraged. Successful proposals may be exhibited at one or both sites. For detailed specifications, click here.

Digital Billboard

Te Tuhi’s Digital Billboard was launched in 2020 with the generous support of the Lou and Iris Fisher Charitable Trust. It is located on the building exterior facing Reeves Road, a prominent, high-traffic site with an average of 10,000+ motorists passing daily. The billboard operates 24/7 with particularly good visibility at night. Proposals for new and existing works are encouraged. For detailed specifications, click here.

Speaker Space

Te Tuhi's Speaker Space flanks the path outside our front entrance towards Reeves Road, and is suitable for exhibiting sound works. Around 40% of Te Tuhi's 150,000+ annual visitors access the building through this front entrance and are exposed to the Speaker Space upon entry. For detailed specifications, click here.