• Te Tuhi
  • 每星期三10-12 点
  • 每学期8节,共计16节课
  • 2022 课程日期
  • 第三学期 8月3日 - 9 月21日
  • 第四学期10月19日-12月7日
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  • Wednesdays, 10am – 12pm
  • Weekly, 8 weeks per term
  • 2022 course dates
  • 3 August – 21 September
  • 19 October – 7 December
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Te Tuhi美术馆很高兴推出普通话授课的今日艺术课程,一门今日艺术教育系列的新课程。


课程将由讲座和展览参观两部分组成,讲座将在Te Tuhi当代美术馆进行,隔周的参观活动将围绕当前奥克兰的重大艺术活动进行。作为Te Tuhi 的首个普通话授课的课程,我们将致力于回应参与者的兴趣,为大家营造一个轻松、愉快的交流和学习的环境。课程不设任何对参与者的评估和考核。



何美婧, 英国伦敦大学艺术管理硕士,中国中央美术学院艺术史学士。 2020-2022年,任新西兰 Artspace Aotearoa 总经理一职。 现任联合国科教文全球专家团成员,致力于保护和促进文化表现形式多样性的2005国际公约 UNESCO 2005 Convention。 曾任英国文化协会新西兰艺术主管,香港艺术和文化创意产业主管以及在北京和上海任大使馆(领事馆)文化教育处高级艺术经理,负责大型中英文化交流活动。 何美婧也是一位国际教练协会ICF 认证的ACC级别专业教练,热衷于以一种深入浅出且令人愉快的方式传达她对艺术和艺术史的热爱。

We are excited to offer Contemporary Art Today: Mandarin Class, a new class taught as part of our art education programme, Art Today.

Delivered entirely in Mandarin, Contemporary Art Today is designed for Chinese speakers interested in modern and contemporary art, offering students the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of current artistic practice, exhibitions and events in Aotearoa, China and beyond.

The class consists of lectures held at Te Tuhi and off-site visits related to major art events in Auckland. In this class, we strive to respond to the interests of the students, with the aim of creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment for communication and learning. No assessments take place as part of this course.

For more information on the course and to enrol, visit our website.

About the tutor

Meijing He holds a Master of Arts Management from City University London and a Bachelor of Art History from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. She is currently a member of the UNESCO Global Panel of Experts on the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, and has previously worked as the Head of Arts for the British Council in New Zealand and Hong Kong and as General Manager at Artspace Aotearoa, among other roles.

She is also an ICF-certified, ACC-level professional coach. She is passionate about conveying her love of art and art history in a simple and enjoyable way.