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I’m Here For The Butterflies, 2022

Ava Seymour
I’m Here For The Butterflies, 2022


For several years, Ava Seymour has been making work using images of cats. These range from collage to moving-image installations and explore gaze, gesture, repetition and rhythm.

Originally commissioned for Te Tuhi’s two billboard sites in September 2022, I’m Here For The Butterflies and Story Of Love were Seymour’s first forays into public art and central to these new commissions was location. For I’m Here For The Butterflies, on the Reeves Road billboards, the cats were directly engaged with the gallery; for Story Of Love in Parnell, their relationship became about the tracks and the movement of trains in and out of the station.

This limited edition set of three framed prints is connected with Seymour’s billboard work I’m Here For The Butterflies, 2022.

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