Mauria is the second walking project presented by Jeremy Leatinu’u that invites participants to traverse the urbanscape of Ōwairaka. The journey will begin at the Waterview Reserve before travelling towards and arriving at the base of the mountain of Ōwairaka / Te Ahi Kaa o Rakataura. The name of the walk itself, Mauria, translates as ‘to take’ or ‘to carry’. People participating in the walk are asked to bring a small packet of plant seeds or seedlings of any kind which will be carried during the journey.

Mauria walks the return journey to Kawea in 2019. A walk that invited participants to bring and carry an object of significance from the base of Ōwairaka to Waterview reserve.

The walk is accessible to people with wheelchairs and pushchairs. Transport back to Waterview Reserve will be provided.

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  • Free


  • Sat 31 Oct


  • 12:00 pm


  • Meet at Waterview Reserve, Herdman St, Waterview