You are invited to Re-writing Frances Hodgkins, a forum led by Christina Barton with attendees from the three-part workshop, Re-reading Frances Hodgkins.

Over the past three weeks Adam Art Gallery have held workshops with a group of emerging writers, revisiting the literature on Frances Hodgkins to explore and unpack different approaches to the artist and her work. Drawing directly on the works in their current exhibition Frances Hodgkins: European Journeys, the aim of the series has been to provide emerging art writers with tools to develop responses to the artist and her work, and to use this reflexively to understand their own practices.

The three sessions have been organised across the themes ‘Frances Hodgkins and New Zealand Art History’, ‘Frances Hodgkins and Modernism’ and ‘Frances Hodgkins and the Politics of Identity’, with lively discussion and a range of readings accompanying each session. Participants have read and discussed a number of different texts on Hodgkins, including pieces by E.H. McCormick, Dr Pamela Gerrish Nunn, Myfanwy Evans and Elizabeth Eastmond, and others, and we have engaged directly with Hodgkins’ works in the current show.

The final session on Monday 23 November offers participants the chance to present their own writing on Frances Hodgkins, whether responding to specific texts we have studied, or works in the exhibition. Students will read their texts and we invite guests to respond and ask questions about art writing today. Come along to support our workshop attendees and contribute to our ongoing conversations about Frances Hodgkins, her place in art history, and more generally about the history of art writing as it has been applied to her practice.


  • Free


  • Mon 23 Nov


  • 5:30 pm


  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Gate 3, Kelburn Parade
  • Wellington 6012